21 Day Happier Challenge

Learning to Practice Being Happier Now

Have you ever felt that living a happier life is something you have to work very hard to achieve? Do you feel that genuine happiness is out of reach for you? Do you feel like you rarely experience the feeling of being happy?

Feeling a sense of inner contentment and finding more joy without struggle is what most of us are seeking. Even if your life isn't perfect, you can learn how to improve your emotional wellbeing immediately and consistently. You can build your happier skills and feel more joyful and energized, and less stressed and anxious in your life right now.

This is the purpose of this course.


Research shows that you are more likely to stick to something if you write it down. So, after you watch today’s video, take out a piece of paper, or grab your journal, and write down your commitment to yourself to fully engage in this course. It will make a huge difference.

The benefits of the practices Nataly will teach you in this course are tangible and scientifically proven, but you can only experience them if you do the practices. So make a commitment to yourself to actively participate in this course and to invest in improving your emotional health, happiness, and your relationships with the people you care about. None of the practices will take more than a few minutes, but if you do them, they will help you live with more joy, connection, and resilience.

Key Concepts:

1. Happiness is not a reward you earn for achieving certain things. Rather, happiness is a key ingredient that helps you live a healthier, fuller life, and improves your chances of achieving your goals.

2. Becoming happier is a skill you can build and improve through practice.

3. Simple, scientifically proven practices can help you build your happier skills so you feel more content, joyful, and connected to your own purpose, and, in turn, the people in your life.

Feel happier, improve your relationships, and boost your job satisfaction.

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Course Curriculum

Feel happier, improve your relationships, and boost your job satisfaction.

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Nataly Kogan
Nataly Kogan
Founder of Happier and Creator of the Happier Method™

About the instructor

Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional health and elevating your leadership.

She’s the creator of the Happier Method™, founder and CEO of Happier, and author of Happier Now, which was published in 2018.

By the age of 37, Nataly held top positions at McKinsey and Microsoft, was a Managing Director at a venture capital fund, and started or was a member of the senior team at 5 startups and tech companies.

But all of this overachievement came at a huge cost of stress and overwhelm, which was the catalyst for Nataly to give it all up to start her company, Happier, with this mission:

To help millions of people thrive in work and life by improving their emotional health with science-backed skills and practices.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people cultivate their emotional health and leadership skills through Happier @ Work programs, online courses, and other learning tools.

What others have been saying about this course:

Vicki Hyde

Worthwhile and uplifting

I signed up for this course since it was offered through my job and I am so glad that I did. The 21 day Happier Challenge gives new ways to look at my work and home life to fill it with more joy and less stress and makes me feel like a better per...

Jolie Cornett

I really enjoyed taking this course with my husband!

We discussed the lessons and did many of them together. I think it will help both of us reduce our negativity bias and feel more gratitude in our daily lives. I hope it will also boost our resilience during difficult times. I think it was a gr...

Tania Palmer

Beautiful Tips and Reminders

I'm loving the course so far. It only takes a few minutes each day, which is great because sometimes it feels like I'm hard pressed to squeeze in time to breathe. Each day's lesson is a small piece of wisdom and, while mostly reminders, they're gr...

Allison koch

Life Changing!

I was skeptical at first that 21 days of online videos and practices would change my outlook on life. But I was so wrong! Some of the practices took me out of my comfort zone. But my end reward of feeling lighter, more at peace with my emotions an...

John Wernecke

Celebrate Happiness

This is a very good class. What makes it that way is the information is presented. Each day one very important practice is described and illustrative example is shared and the validation of the research is given. Then the student is given an assig...

Elsa Hansen

A very enriching 21 days!

This course was wonderful. I committed to myself to make sure I participated in all 21 days and after the first week, I started really looking forward to the video each day. They are short, to the point, easy to fit in, and meaningful. I would str...